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Cash Extend blog is up at MONEY!

Fucking check it out mother fudder!!!!!!!!!!!

Anxiety During Sobriety

Do you anxious when you drunk? Like do you need anxiety medication to soothe you?

Do you chronic exhibit anxiety attacks?

Go to a therapist NOW! Get the help you need!

I love this website

The archive of Quickiesheets is really great. Personal development at its finest. AyyyyY!

New Kick Ass News

I discovered two exciting new websites. One about shoes and another about useful tools. Both sites seem to have solid original content and I give them both a thumbs up up. Holler!

Alias Season 5 Episode Guide

Alias Season 5 Episode Guide
is now available in beautiful wonderful episodes. LOL!

Cuteness Idol

Cuteness Idol Rocks!!!!! Part-retarded, part-stoopid!

Quickie Sheets

This is the header graphic for my upcoming site, Quickie Sheets. That's me in the drawing BTW, lol!

Cute baby bird will eat cute pink bunny today

This one was simple and lots of fun to do. Baby birds will eat the bunny slayed by mommy bird and beheaded with blood. Nature rules!

Strike a pose, say cheese and remove the fucking bottom

Done in record time. Of course, the drawing's nothing special. But record time still. Shit dude I'm getting fast doing this, even faster than years ago when i drew every day. I wanna do like ten of these in two hours straight. That would be nice.

Smoking in a folding bed right before starting a fire

LOL! I love putting retarded titles on my drawings. Getting really fast drawing and coloring on phooshop again. I hope I don't get bored too soon. I wanna do at least a hundred of these.

I saw red

Did the sketch while waiting for a report at work. Colored at home while waiting for my girl to wake up. Angry, relieved and ecstatic expressions all look the same to me. Strange.

Morph into my girlfriend, you stupid sketch

I was copying the model from a magazine and ended up drawing my ex-girlfriend. Also looks a bit like a girl I'm seeing right now. The nose rocks, like, I couldn't believe how good I did the nose, made it look like my ex 100%.

Hormosexwal Scorched by God's Angry Sun

Did this while I couldn't sleep around 4am. Sketched for 30minutes. Scanned and photoshopped for 40 minutes. My first time to use photoshop in over 5 years, lol!